Archive Updates

Hello WRC community!

We are pleased to announce that the archives have completely been revamped and updated from last year! The archives are now organized into the following:

Programs: Includes flyers, calendars, and other program materials from all WRC events and programs archived from 2002 to present.

Press: An archive of articles published in BC newspapers about the WRC, its programs, and it staff, dating from 2000 to present.

Documents: Older documents which chronicle the development of the WRC and the history of women’s issues on the Boston College campus.

Photos: A collection of photographs taken at WRC events and programs from 2000 to present.

Videos: A relatively new initiative. Videos of the performances, lectures, and events that is hosted by the WRC throughout the year will be recorded and uploaded.

Staff: Features group photos and a list of every staff member who has worked at the WRC from 2000 to present.

Archived materials of all program information, news articles, photos, and videos will be made available online at the end of each semester, so please check back soon!


Boston College has changed quite a bit since its first undergraduate school for women (School of Nursing) was opened in 1947 or when BC was made fully coeducational in 1970. Since its inception, the Women’s Resource Center has worked to support the campus in issues of gender equality and well-being.

This archive is meant to be a visual testament to the work of the WRC staff members and directors throughout the years as well as the efforts of the Women’s Studies Department and the countless individuals who have been dedicated to the education of the whole person.

Please use this as resource for continued growth. It only takes a few clicks to see how radically different this school (and the world) was just a few decades ago. The ground we’ve gained was the result of hard work and resilient, innovative individuals. There is still a long way to go. Let us use the past as a springboard into the future and continue to document progress at Boston College.

**Note: the materials on this site have been included for their historical relevance, regardless of the views expressed.